Simple Habits That Will Keep Your Bedroom Clean

A lot of people do not understand the importance of keeping their own bedrooms clean and tidy. You must keep in mind that this is the place in which you sleep and relax. This might even be the place in which you study or do work. In this case, it is highly important to make sure that this area is maintained in a proper manner. If you want to make sure that your room doesn’t look like a garbage bin, then here are some habits that you might want to follow.

Be Regular

Just because you clean your room every Christmas, it does not mean that it is going to look spotless. Even though this might be a low traffic area in your home, you still do a lot of things within this space. For example, you can sleep, eat, get dressed and work in this area. So, it can easily get messy and uncoordinated. In this case, you must make sure that it is cleaned on a regular basis. Ideally, your room should be cleaned every day. But if you do not have the time to do this, you must make sure that it is maintained at least 2-3 times a week.

Clean Sheets

Unfortunately this is a habit that many people are quite reluctant to follow for some reason. There are those who only wash their sheets once a month or even less frequently. This the sheet on which you sleep. So, you must definitely ensure that it is clean and hygienic. Since you sleep on it and maybe do other things on it, they have a tendency to get dirty very easily. Moreover, remember that if you have expensive and high-quality bedding, failing to clean it regularly can reduce its beauty and value.

Organize Your Wardrobe

This is a habit that is easy to say and harder to follow. While we would all like a wardrobe that is organized, labeled and accessible –we all do not have the time to get this done. So, you have to make sure that this gets done whenever you have the free time. When organizing the wardrobe, make sure to have a pattern. For example, some people like to organize it according to color. However, if you want you can do it according to style too. This would keep your work, casual and party clothes separately.

Practice Good Hygiene

If you follow this habit, it will be good for every room and everyone in your house. One of the main reasons why rooms easily get dirty is because the people who use them do not practice healthy hygiene habits. For example, if you had a long day and are covered in sweat, jumping onto the bed is not a very smart idea.  In the same way, eating on your bed and leaving dirty clothes on the floor is not recommended either.

Of course, it will be harder to follow these little steps even though they might be actually really simple. But with time and practice, these will definitely become part of your routine.

Tips To Build a Simple, Airy House

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Your home is a place for you to relax in and be yourself, so it only makes sense that it should be the way you like. The structure is something you cannot do anything about if you have bought your home or are renting it, but if you are renovating or constructing it, you have more leeway for sure. And if that is the case for you, then you are incredibly lucky because you get to design the house of your dreams. No doubt you will also be faced with making a lot of decisions in relation to this, and one of the first things you should look at is how to build your home as airily as possible. In other words, merge the indoors with the outdoors and try to blend with your surroundings better.

Spots of Colour

Instead of painting a whole room purple or blue for instance, why not use splashes of colour instead? You want to accentuate an area, enhancing it and drawing attention to it. When the rest of the room is a neutral colour, it automatically makes the space feel light and breezy. In homes where there is limited space, this is a handy trick. It creates the illusion of space, and does not seem overbearing at all, which is great when it is a house.

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Less Walls

Well you do obviously need walls, but try to keep things open wherever possible. If you want inspiration, consider Geoffrey Bawa, a prolific architect from Asia who has made a name for himself by creating open-plan living spaces even with hotels and resorts. You will get a better idea of what we are talking about. Try to fit glass blocks in places you cannot fit windows so light still comes in, and try to include as many windows as possible. Even glass sliding doors are a good idea actually so look into that too.

Aim For Minimal

Everything that is. If you build your home in a way that it is least dependent on furniture and other such items, then that is how it will be set up. Keeping your home free from bulky things is key. As much as you may think that you need them, you actually do not. Sure a comfortable couch or divan is always fine, but many are unnecessary. You should take some time when shopping for furniture. They have beautiful pieces nowadays that are quite minimal and authentic. It pays to do your research and look for them, they really give your home a unique look.

Set Up Mirrors

They automatically expand spaces without you needing to do anything. You just need to place them in certain spots to get the maximum result. Aside from always having a place to fix your hair and makeup especially when running out the door in a hurry, they are great for adding a touch of luxury and elegance without seeming too much. Mirrors have become quite popular once again mainly in small homes, since people want to extend the room easily and this is one of the most convenient ways.

The Biggest Problem-Causing Factors of Parquet Floors

When you build a house, the parqueting that you choose will go a long way in adding character and that final touch of perfection that it needs to look good. However, even if the choice of parqueting that you have made is one that looks nice and plush, there is no saying that that is the right choice for your home. Therefore, before you choose a material, it is best to study the many different options available and select ones that will stay the most durable while also maintaining something of their original condition. When the parqueting of a house begins to look all drab and dreary the rest of the vibe and the feel of the house also take a hit with it. Here are some of the biggest ways parqueting can be negatively impacted. How many of these are in your house?

Kids and Pets

Blaming problems on kids and pets can feel really wrong. But then, it is not really their fault because they really do not know any better. But you do right? If you have kids or pets in your home, the flooring Melbourne specialists that you choose for your parqueting should advise you on options that can sustain the floor under heavy foot traffic and be resistant to scratches, especially those made by kids and pets. It should also be easily maintainable with a minimal amount of time and money going into looking after it. There is no point in shouting at your kids or locking up your pets. What you need to do is figure out the best option that can take all of their mischief and still not break your bank.

Weather Conditions

One more factor that you need to really think about is the weather conditions in your area. If it is always very wet and rainy there is a heavy chance that the resulting humidity and moisture will take a heavy toll on materials like wood and timber and other easily affected substances. Here you will be better off considering something that is a lot more versatile and durable and most often synthetic options would work best. Avoid using massive rugs on your parqueting as they will soak up all the moisture and cause mildew to spread in your house.

Time and Money

Another one of the two factors that often go hand in hand and cause the biggest issues to having really good parqueting is time and money. If you do not have enough time to maintain a certain type of parqueting, avoid getting it in the first place. If you feel like you do not have enough capital to keep maintaining your floors, avoid getting it done. There is no lack of options today and if you go to the right professionals they will offer you a range of options that will suit an every budget and lifestyle. Make a decision wisely so that you do not get into something that you ultimately cannot cope with.

Key Things to Know Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

As much as it can be informative to read articles such as this, we should tell you first that you should be pro-active practically as well when it comes to this sort of topic. So in other words, you need to look at listing all potential painters in the area, short listing them in turn, and then screening that lot to land at your final decision. Needless to say, it may seem like a tedious task at first, but it will be over before you know it. Besides, you will thank yourself for the effort when you are seated in your beautifully painted house, sipping a cup of tea and marvelling at your own handiwork. With that, let us take you through a few essentials to consider during this process.


You probably had something else in mind for the first point, but insurance is, in our opinion, the most important thing when hiring manual labour from a third party. Though painting does not pose risks as great as those in construction, there are still dangers, and you want to be sure you are not liable for a) any damage on your property by the workers and b) any injuries or accidents sustained by the workers while working on your property. Insurance can be costly, so be certain this is offered.


Another thing you want to clarify is whether the people entering your home are trustworthy. You will of course try to be home as much as possible to oversee the work, but if you work and your partner does too, this may not be entirely possible. Hence, the safety of your property and belongings at all times is something you want to confirm before hiring a painting contractor, be it a painter Brisbane or anywhere else. If you are uncomfortable in any way, you do not have to go ahead, keep looking.

Type of Employees

Painting contractors typically hire two types of employees: full-time employees and sub-contractors. Different painting companies opt for either or some of both. You should ideally go with someone who hires employees and not sub-contractors, because you can avoid a series of issues. For instance, sub-contractors charge different amounts and the painting company may hire those at the lowest cost so they can make more out of the deals. This can mean a reduction in the quality of work. So this too is a vital consideration in your search.

Materials Used

The better the quality of materials and products used for the job, the better the end result will be. Your paint job will look great and last a lot longer, so you need not worry about getting another for some time yet. There are also specific pants for specific purposes, such as fungus-resistant and waterproof paints. The types of brushes used are also important, so you want to find out what it is the paint company uses. See what they cover, and what you will have to spring for, adding this to your total allocated budget so you know how much you will end up spending.

How to Hire a Building Inspector in Australia?

Hiring a building inspector is one of the most essential tasks to tick of your pre-purchase to-do list. Once you have purchased your dream home, you probably don’t want to find out that it has a roach problem or if the foundation is crumbling. While most new home buyers do a survey of a house before making the purchasing decision, this superficial examination is not the equivalent of having a professional inspect the property. Pre-purchase building inspections make buyers aware of potentially serious dangers of the structure of the property. Don’t expect the previous owner to be forthcoming about these.

Now that you know why building inspectors are important, here are several tips for hiring a proper building inspector in your local area:

Check Qualifications

Not all parts of Australia have regulations governing qualifications for building inspectors, especially in South Australia. In cities like Adelaide, just about anyone can call themselves a “building inspector”. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure that the person you hire has undergone some training and does have the education to be a qualified building inspector where regulations are present. If there are no local qualification requirements, you can still ask if they are licensed building inspectors. Licensed inspectors undergo training to obtain that license, and you can run the license number to find out if it’s legit. People in certain professions are also naturally qualified to be a building inspector. For example, an architect or a surveyor already knows enough about buildings to inspect the structure. On the other hand, a real estate agent may not.

Choose the Right Type of Inspector

There are actually different types of building inspections to conduct, which also depends on the nature of the property. If you are about to purchase an aged property for renovation, you should look for local dilapidation reports across Adelaide. On the other hand, if you want to buy a new house, you might want to inspect it for pest infestations and structural integrity. If you are purchasing a pre-used apartment, you might want to have it inspected for dangerous chemicals like meth. When you know the type of inspection you want, look for a building inspector who specialises in this type of inspection. For example, if you are looking for a meth inspector, you will need to find firms that specialise in this area because regular inspectors are not qualified or trained to carry out this sort of inspection.

Ask about Insurance

Most prospective homeowners do not care to ask about insurance when hiring a building inspector. It’s very important for a professional inspector to have coverage for public liability, professional indemnity, and possible accidents on job site. Otherwise, you could end up being financially responsible for any injurious claims.

Once the inspection is complete, what type of report would you get? If the inspector is calling you to give you an oral “report”, then don’t hire the person. The inspection report should be written and must cover all the essential aspect of the process. A good report for a standard home inspection could be as long as 70 pages. Therefore, before hiring, ask about what type of report the inspector ultimately provides.

Tips for Installing Renewable Energy in Your Home

As of late, we seem to be seeing more initiatives aimed at sustainable living to help better protect and preserve our environment. Renewable energy is a part of this, and as its name suggests, is renewable so does not leave a harmful impact on the planet. Though this has been around for some time now, only few have gotten around to it. If you have been considering the same for your home recently, it might be useful to first do some research on the subject so you are thorough with what you need. If you are completely new to the subject, then this is especially important. So with that, why not take a look at the tips we have put together below to make this easier on you?

Assess Your Needs

Just like you would research to find out what phone or car is best suited for your requirements, so should you when it comes to implementing renewable energy. You cannot simply ask the providers to come in any day and set it up for you that is not how it works. While the installation itself is not too complicated, the process before is, and it should be handled as effectively and efficiently as possible. That is, of course, assuming you want to make the most of this initiative, which we are quite sure you do.

Local Requirements

Assessing and analysing your energy needs is not enough. The next step is to study the local codes and requirements in accordance with this. Different states, communities, cities and countries have their own regulations that govern such practices, and by law, you need to abide by them. If not, you could face harsh penalties and punishment as a result. So if you want to install a solar panel system, you need to first bring in the experts and have them explain things to you, ensuring you go by the book.

Seek an Easement

What, you may wonder, is an easement? Well, this is not a word that is often loosely thrown around, unless of course one is planning to get into the whole subject of renewable energy. What it means is that you can seek a legally binding agreement which states that any structure that will block the source of the renewable energy may not be built. The good thing about this is that even if ownership of the land or premises changes, this contract will still hold and bind. On that note, you should check your own deeds to ensure you do not have an easement.


Again, this is something that only those who want to install a renewable energy system will know. If you opt to be connected to the grid, any excess energy you bring in can be sold back to your power supplier. If you do opt for this, there are a few additional bits of gear you will have to invest in, which will add onto to your installation costs but will reap savings for you in the long-term. You should discuss your options with your renewable energy providers so you know what is best for your own needs.

Patio Landscaping Ideas for Your Perth Home

Designing the patio is different from applying landscaping principles to a garden or yard area. Not only should patios look nice, they should also serve a practical, functional purpose as well. Homeowners typically want to dine, read, or lounge on the patio. Alternating the patio for these functional requirements can be a challenge. But it can be done. Here are several ways to improve and upgrade the patio of your house:

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Furnish with Potted Plants

The patio area is typically surrounded by grass, which is not necessary appealing. Some patios, with the tile or cement floorings, can look just a bit too artificial in the outdoor space. You can fix this problem by using potted plants to decorate the patio. Use beautiful flowering plants to add a nature element to an otherwise drab patio. Incorporating potted plants with the rest of the patio is relatively easy. That and the low cost makes this modification just perfect for your patio.

Add Some Shade

Go shopping for shade sails Perth to protect your patio from the elements and the harsh sun. If you prefer to spend time here in the summer, it will be necessary to find a solution against the very hot and harsh daytime summer sun. This is the most affordable and practical solution other than setting up enclosing structures.

Plant an Eye-Catching Tree

You can offer natural shade and some stunning decor to your patio area by planting a tree nearby. It’s important to choose the right tree that will complement the existing colour palette and other elements of the outdoor space. Don’t choose a tree that going to get too big because it will just end up taking too much space. When the tree grows tall, nothing much other than the trunk would be eye-level anyway. So choose a landscape tree that grows to mid height and tend to have colourful leaves or followers. Choices include Bloodgood Japanese maple, which has a gorgeous leaf shade. You might want to choose a native western Australian plant however. But keep in mind not to choose a plant with an elaborate root system that might damage the patio infrastructure.

Use Plants for Privacy

Most homeowners prefer the patio area to be private and safe from prying neighbourhood eyes. People tend to use fences to create privacy, but that can come at the expense of the patio decor. Instead, use plants once more to create a privacy surrounding the area. You can use hedges, but tall bushes or shrubs are recommended as well. For non vertical private areas, choose climbing vines, such as climbing roses, to add beauty and even more colour.

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Use Perennials to Soften the Hard Edges

Perennial flowers are a great solution to soften out the hard edges of some patios. These can also easily improve the aesthetics of the area. Perennials are easy to obtain, take care of, and they come in just about a colour you like.

Improving the looks of the patio is not always easy, but you can try using one or two of the above tips. In addition to the natural additions, choose cosy and eye-catching furniture to make the lounging area extra special.

How to Redecorate an Office Space on a Budget?

Redecorating your office and improve its looks and may even increase the productivity of employees. No one wants to work in a cramped, uncomfortable office. Here are several tips for redecorating your office without breaking the bank:

Choose New Wall Colours that Showcase Personality

The wall colour is usually the most dominant colour in any office or room. Therefore, you should pick out this colour very carefully. Use affordable commercial painting contractors to get expert help in picking shades and to finally apply it correctly. You have the freedom to choose any colour you want, but it’s recommended to use a light colour. Most businesses use the colours of the logo or the brand. However, don’t choose the darkest colour in the brand or the logo and opt for a lighter shade instead. Because, obviously, dark colours will make the office appear darker, which is not ideal for a happy working space.

Lighten Up the Office, Literally

Does enough natural light come inside the office? During daytime, it’s very important to have plenty of sunlight pouring in. This would eliminate the need for employees to turn on the lights and drive up the energy bills. Plus, a well-lit room would naturally improve the moods of employees. Our bodies, after all, are geared for responding to sunlight. Well-lit rooms appear more spacious than they are as well. Use blinds for the windows to control the amount of light that pours in. If the employees want to run a project or turn on the TV, the room would need to be dark, which is what blinds are best used for.

Consider Opting Out of the Open Space Office Plan

The open-space office plan is hugely popular, but it’s not without its issues. One of the biggest problems with the open-space office plan is that it enables distractions in the workplace. The employees can see each other, and worse, hear each other. Some may find it difficult to concentrate with the open plan. Therefore, when redecorating the office, consider opting out of the open space plan or choosing a semi-open plan. Some offices use desks with privacy screens in open office plans. It allows the office to technically be open space, but with some added privacy as well. Installing cubicles in the traditional style is another option. Think it through and do what’s best for your office.

Reduce Floor Ornaments and Use Wall Decorations Instead

Don’t place any ornaments on the floor simply because it would take up floor space. Each square inch is precious. Use the floor space for seating employees and placing equipment or furniture. Use the walls for decorative purposes. Instead of buying a new cabinet to showcase ornaments, awards, or other decorative items, hang up the ornaments or the awards, if possible. Use artwork that only take up wall space.

Place Equipment in Convenient Locations

Don’t place the printer far away from employees who use it frequently. When redoing the office, think carefully about how equipment should be placed. Access to equipment should be unhindered, especially or the employees who need to use the gadgets nearly every day.

Making the above changes won’t cost much money and will dramatically improve the aesthetics and the functionality of your office. So don’t wait to implement one or two of the above suggestions.

What You Should Know About Choosing an Accent Table?

Most people imagine tables to be all about function. They should be sturdy and hold things up – the end. Well, if you have a creative eye, you know that this is simply not true. There is plenty of reason to turn this ordinary piece of furniture into a bold statement that the entire room hinges on.

Of course, to get it right, you need to know how to go about choosing designer tables. There are several things to take into consideration including the room, the overall effect that you wish to create, etc. If you aren’t sure where to get started well, this article tells you everything that you need to know:

Image result for Accent Table

Keep to Scale with the Rest of the Pieces

This is advice that you are going to constantly hear but it is also one of the most important things to remember. See, although you want the table to be the focal point, you also need it to fit in the room as well. So, if you opt for a piece that is too large or small for the furnishings that it is surrounded by, it is going to look odd. You can take your cues from the other pieces in the room. For instance, consider the sofa – is it large and prominent? If so, then your accent piece should be similar in nature.

What Function Should It Serve?

Now, there is a good chance that you want your table to serve a particular function and not simply take up space. For instance, you may want to be able to store some items there. In this case, you should consider a piece that either has a drawer or has a compartment below it that can be used for storage. Do you want it to be able to hold certain ornaments or decorations? Here, you are going to need a slightly sturdier option that will be able to take the added weight.

Get Creative with Materials

Just how comfortable are you with mixing and matching? Some people don’t mind a mix of metal and wood or glass and metal. Others prefer to stick with just one material. Mixing up materials can create an interesting an eclectic look – definitely what you need for an accent piece. However, even if fall into the latter category, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep things uniform. For example, if you are a fan of wooden tables, considering opting for a variety of woods. It could be as simple as choosing varying grains or even tones. This can be done with metal as well. So, while it will afford you some cohesion, it will also keep things unique.

Use Two, If Necessary

You don’t just have to settle for one accent table, two work as well. This is particularly true in a larger space when just one piece fails to make an impression. Now, you don’t have to duplicate the same style or even colour with the other pattern as well. As long as there is enough distance between them, they can look quite different.

This is all that you need about choosing an accent table for your room.

Things To Think Of Before Getting Premises For Your Service Shop

If you have plans in place to start your own service centre or shop for vehicles, you will need to go about getting the premises for it. While you may think that there is nothing to this, it could very well be one of the biggest factors that decide what kind of business you will continue to have after you open shop. Avoiding certain key mistakes is also very important in making sure that you make the best decision. Here are some tips that will certainly help you out figure out what kind of premises you can get for your new business.

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The Cost Of The Premises

One of the most pivotal things to think about would be the cost of the premises that you are looking to get. You need to remember that when you begin any business at all, you will need to know that you will most probably not be making a massive profit until a few months into it and even if you do work out the research to know how successful your business will be, the only way to know that for sure is to begin the business and see how it goes. Therefore, going in with a commitment into something that is priced heavily is something that you should not make the mistake of doing. Start small, if you can get a smaller premise for something that is more practical at this point of time, go for it and you can always upgrade later when you have the resources for it.

The Cost Of The Equipment You Need

The biggest factor that you probably will have to invest money in is getting the right gear that you need for the project. You cannot take a risk of buying low quality equipment but at the same time you also need to be able to afford it. Look at reliable suppliers depending upon your location like Height 4 Hire to see if there is a way where you can rent out certain equipment and buy others so that you do not push yourself into financial duress. When you keep an eye out for the gear keep your mind open to the possibility that you may need to negotiate and possibly compare prices from more than a couple of places along with quality comparisons so that you get the best results.

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The Location Of The Premises

Last but not least keep an eye out for the right location in the right neighborhood that needs the services and products that you will be offering them. Also look at any competitors and whether you can see your actual demographics for the customer base there. Next think about the accessibility of the location and whether there will actually be enough business in the area. As mentioned earlier there is no guaranteed way to see if a business will work but going into it with a knowledge about these factors will really help you in the long run.